Surgical Aesthetics Procedures

You can trust our oculoplastic surgeons and plastic surgeons to help you achieve the look you want with their comprehensive skills and care for the whole person. 

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We are delighted to have both oculoplastic surgeons and plastic surgeons on staff. Both specialists complete extensive education and training to become experts in their respective fields.

Oculoplastic Surgeons

Our oculoplastic surgeons, Dr. Stephanie Young, Dr. E-Shawn Goh and Dr. Petrina Tan have additional fellowship training beyond ophthalmology, specializing in eyelid, tear duct and orbit procedures. They offer medical and cosmetic treatments for the eyes, eyelids and surrounding areas.

Plastic Surgeons

Our board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Timothy Shim complete residencies in general surgery and plastic surgery, and also had subspecialty training in supermicrosurgery. He perform both reconstructive and cosmetic procedures of the face, body and extremities using surgical and non-surgical methods.

Specialised Expertise

Whether you need eyelid surgery, facelift, body contouring or reconstructive care, our surgeons draw upon specialised expertise in oculofacial and plastic surgery.

Tailored Treatments

All our specialist surgeons work with you to determine the best individualised treatment plan using their artistic skills and respect for natural, healthy aesthetics.

Diverse techniques

Staying current in their field, our surgeons employ updated, sophisticated surgical techniques for safe and effective rejuvenation, restoration and enhancement.

Aesthetic Eyelid Procedures

The eyes are the centre of facial expression and the aesthetic centre of the face. They provide critical cues in gauging emotions and shaping social behaviour. Choosing a surgeon to treat problems in this delicate area is an important decision.

Functional/Reconstructive Eyelid Procedures

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