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At Eagle Aesthetics & Surgery, we are dedicated to providing holistic patient care through our comprehensive range of breast reduction services in Singapore. Our team is committed to helping patients achieve an enhanced quality of life through Reduction Mammaplasty.

What is Reduction Mammaplasty?

Reduction Mammaplasty, commonly known as breast reduction surgery, is a procedure aimed at reducing the size and weight of large breasts. This surgery not only improves aesthetic appearance but also alleviates physical discomfort and enhances lifestyle quality.

How Does Breast Reduction Surgery Work?

Prior to surgery, patients undergo a detailed consultation to discuss their goals, preferences, and individual conditions. This personalized approach helps in determining the most suitable technique for breast reduction.

Surgical Techniques and Incision Types

Breast reduction surgery typically involves the removal of excess breast tissue through carefully planned incisions. Depending on the patient’s anatomy and desired outcome, our surgeons may use one of the following incision techniques:

Excision Around the Areola
This technique involves removing a ring of skin around the areola, ideal for moderate reduction and lift.

Vertical Mammaplasty (“Keyhole” Incision)
This method includes a keyhole-shaped incision for significant reshaping while minimizing scarring.

Inverted ‘T’ or “Anchor” Incision
Used for extensive reduction and reshaping, this technique allows maximum tissue removal and lifting.

In some cases, liposuction is also employed to enhance the breast’s contour and shape.

Anesthesia and Safety

The procedure is performed under general anesthesia, ensuring patient comfort and safety throughout the surgery.


Reshaping and Nipple Repositioning

After the removal of excess tissue, the remaining breast tissue is lifted and reshaped. The nipple is then carefully repositioned to complement the new breast shape.

Closure and Recovery

Incisions are meticulously closed to minimize scarring. The surgery typically lasts 3 to 4 hours, depending on the procedure’s complexity. Post-surgery, patients receive comprehensive care instructions for a smooth recovery.

Facts About Breast Reduction Surgery

High Satisfaction Rates

Breast reduction surgery is known for its high satisfaction rates among patients. It effectively addresses both physical and emotional discomfort associated with overly large breasts, leading to enhanced quality of life.

Health Benefits Beyond Aesthetics

While breast reduction improves aesthetic appearance, it also offers significant health benefits. These include relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain, improved posture, and the ability to engage in physical activities without discomfort.

Customised Surgical Approaches

Our surgeon tailor the procedure to each patient’s unique anatomy and desired outcomes. Whether it’s a vertical reduction, inverted-T incision, or liposuction-assisted technique, we ensure the best approach for optimal results.

Recovery Time & Care

Post-surgery recovery typically spans several weeks. Patients are provided with detailed care instructions to ensure a smooth and swift healing process. Most patients can return to normal activities within a few weeks, with full recovery taking a few months.

Long-term Results

Breast reduction surgery offers long-term results. Patients enjoy a more proportionate and comfortable breast size, often leading to increased self-confidence and improved quality of life.

Insurance Coverage Possibilities

In many cases, breast reduction surgery can be covered by health insurance, especially if it’s performed to relieve medical symptoms like back pain. Patients are advised to check with their insurance providers for coverage details.

Breast Reduction Surgery Complications

Surgical Risks

Breast reduction surgery, like any major surgery, carries certain risks, including reactions to anaesthesia, blood clots, and infection. Our surgical team employs the latest techniques and stringent safety protocols to minimize these risks.

Surgical Risks

Scarring is an inevitable part of the healing process after breast reduction surgery. However, our skilled surgeons strategically place incisions to minimize visible scarring, and these generally fade over time.

Changes in Breast and Nipple Sensation

Some patients may experience temporary or permanent changes in nipple or breast sensation post-surgery. Our surgeons use meticulous techniques to reduce the likelihood of this complication. 

Potential for Asymmetry

While we strive for symmetry, minor differences in size or shape between breasts can occur. Our personalised approach aims to achieve the most balanced results possible.

Difficulty Breastfeeding

Breast reduction surgery may affect breastfeeding capabilities in some women. We advise discussing future pregnancy plans during your consultation to tailor the approach accordingly.

Need for Revision Surgery

In some cases, additional surgery may be required to correct or improve results. We ensure thorough pre-surgical planning to reduce the likelihood of revision surgery.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Am I a good candidate for Breast Reduction?

Ideal candidates for breast reduction are those experiencing physical discomfort, such as back or neck pain, due to large breasts, or those seeking relief from emotional distress related to breast size.

How long is the recovery process for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Recovery time varies, but most patients can return to normal activities within 2-4 weeks. Complete healing and settling of the breasts may take several months

How do I prepare for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Preparation involves a medical evaluation, adjusting current medications, stopping smoking, and avoiding taking aspirin or certain anti-inflammatory drugs that can increase bleeding.

Is Breast Reduction Surgery covered by insurance?

Breast reduction may be covered by insurance if it's deemed medically necessary. Patients should consult with their insurance provider for specific coverage details.

How much does Breast Reduction Surgery Cost?

We know that cost is important and we will discuss your individual costs in our clinic. After a thorough evaluation and assessment by our experienced plastic surgeon, our team can better advise the cost of the procedure and other fees.

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