The Long-Term Effects of Double Eyelid Taping You Should Know

Double eyelid tape is a popular temporary cosmetic option for creating the appearance of a crease in the eyelid. While convenient, regularly using tape can have unintended long-term consequences that are important to understand

Drooping Eyelids and Skin

The repetitive tugging and pulling of eyelid tape can stretch out delicate eyelid skin and muscles over months and years of use. This may contribute to eyelids that gradually droop more, even without tape. Fine lines and loose skin around the eyes could develop prematurely as well.

Potential Irritation and Allergies

Adhesives, preservatives, and other ingredients in tape can potentially irritate sensitive eyelid skin when used long-term. This may cause issues like redness, swelling or allergic reactions in some individuals.

Risk of Entropion and Ectropion

In rare cases, prolonged tape use may be associated with conditions like entropion, where the eyelid rolls inward, and ectropion, an outward eyelid roll. Early evaluation could help prevent these serious eyelid abnormalities.

Consider a More Permanent Solution

For those seeking a true double eyelid crease rather than a temporary look, a blepharoplasty procedure may deliver long-lasting, natural-looking results without long-term tape risks.

An oculoplastic surgeon can carefully examine your eyelids, skin, concerns and goals to determine if you’re a blepharoplasty candidate. They can also address any early signs of eyelid or skin laxity from tape use.

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If you have relied on double eyelid tape for some time or are concerned about the longevity of results, it’s worthwhile discussing your options with a double eyelid specialist.

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