Juvelook PDLLA Treatment: The Korea Collagen Queen

Ever since hitting the beauty scene in South Korea, Juvelook has taken the injection world by storm. Unlike traditional fillers, this innovative skin booster combines two powerhouse ingredients – hyaluronic acid for hydration and PDLLA for collagen stimulation.

What is Juvelook?

Juvelook is a hybrid injectable skin booster that combines hyaluronic acid and poly D,L-lactic acid (PDLLA) into a single formulation. It’s designed to deliver both immediate hydration from hyaluronic acid as well as long-term collagen stimulation from PDLLA.

Unlike other skin boosters that rely solely on hyaluronic acid, Juvelook’s addition of PDLLA sets it apart. PDLLA is a biodegradable polymer that has been shown to encourage collagen production when injected into the skin. This leads to long-lasting anti-aging effects.

How Does Juvelook Work?

Juvelook utilizes a three-phase approach to revitalize the skin:

  1. Physical Support (Immediate): Hyaluronic acid plumps the skin right away for an instant smoothing effect.
  2. Restoration (1 Month): As hyaluronic acid degrades, PDLLA microparticles boost collagen synthesis for improved elasticity.
  3. Maintenance (6 Months): Newly synthesized collagen fibers firm and tighten the skin over the long run.

The results gradually improve over several weeks and months, delivering both immediate and prolonged youthfulness.

Ideal Juvelook Candidates

Those who tend to see the best results from Juvelook include:

  • Patients seeking anti-aging benefits and collagen stimulation
  • Those with wrinkles, lines, loss of volume or firmness
  • Individuals looking to improve acne scarring or enlarged pores
  • All ages and skin types can benefit from Juvelook

Treatment Schedule

It is suggested to undergo 3 sessions spaced 1 month apart. Touch-up sessions are recommended every 6-12 months. As effects can vary from person to person, our doctors can assist to provide recommendations.
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